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It’s been a while since I got up to speak, so here’s a little T spoken word for ya

March 13, 2012

I’ve always loved to write, always loved to perform. Last semester, things fell into place and I finally made time to join iSpeak, Wheaton’s spoken word group. I’ve actually wanted to be a part of the group since I first stepped onto campus- before I even really understood what spoken word was to begin with!

Aside from small class presentations, it’s been a while since I got up in front of a crowd to speak. I get up to dance very often, but to speak? Not all that much anymore. It’s interesting to consider what people know or don’t know about me, in the different places that I’ve lived in. At Wheaton, nobody knows that I was really into theater while I was growing up and even did school competitions for poetry recitation, declamations and monologues. Nobody in Costa Rica probably knew that either. The same way that very few people from home expect me to be majoring in Art. They always think I’m majoring in Dance, or English, or Journalism even. They never think of art.

Fast forward to almost six years from my last theater-ish performance, and here I am finally writing my 0wn stuff.  I’m finally stepping up and just going for it.

I first began this poem last spring break, about a year ago now. I was staying with my friend Rachel for a couple of days in Boston and was enjoying a nice solitary dinner at Panera Bread –Nothing beats their broccoli cheddar soup!!! I had never written any spoken word before, but had always wanted to. So in my big red sketchbook, I began to write, scribbling all these lines that began to just roll off my pen. I didn’t touch the poem until I was home for winter break, although I never forgot it, always thinking that there could be something really special about that piece. So I took home the big red sketchbook in December, almost leaving it behind when I was packing up to return in January! Good thing I decided to flip through the book before I flew out – I found my unfinished poem between pen doodles.

So I continued working on the piece. When I returned to Wheaton for the spring, I felt its weight heavy on my heart – anxious to be shared with people.  Weeks and weeks later, I began to finally share it with some friends – looking for feedback, for help with the writing and help with the speaking. I was shy, but really excited. Then came the chance to finally share it with more people, more friends. And I was bursting, just bursting to share a side of me that I feel few people at college are familiar with.

This is a piece dedicated to my older brother, Kuya Lawrence, and the inspiring work he does to seek justice for Filipino women and children who have been abused, trafficked and abandoned. I love you, Kuya!

Here’s one of my first attempts at being a spoken word artist. Performed at iSpeak’s spring showcase, “In Living Color,” March 2, 2012.


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  1. wunderinkfood permalink
    March 15, 2012 5:55 am

    Hey girl,

    This is pretty awesome. I hope you keep writing and sharing your stuff!
    Much Love,


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