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Roses are red, Water’s transparent, We go well together, I think that’s apparent

February 24, 2012

I kind of want to write about Valentine’s Day. I know it was over a week ago already, and I know it can be an annoying holiday that only further promotes consumerism and all things cute or tacky, depending on your personal taste. But I had fun this time!

My mom wrote to me in an email about how my dad had sent roses to her at  work, a day before Valentine’s Day! This warmed my heart so sweetly, I told all my friends about it. After all these many, many years, Valentine’s Day for my parents is still special. I was reminded how much simple gestures like that can pick up a tired spirit or brighten a discouraged soul. So I made it a point to celebrate February 14th with a couple simple, but most certainly heartfelt gestures of appreciation.

I spent the early afternoon doing a little crafting in my room with magazines and an episode of Gossip Girl. I came up with a couple Valentine’s Day “cards” for my suitemates and my dancers and taped them up on mirrors with handmade paper flowers. (I was honestly quite proud of my little art projects!)

Will you be my Valentine? Amy had asked me before the day came around. The answer was quite predictably, Yes, please!

So we decided to make a day out of it.

Before Dance Company rehearsal and after I had spent a good hour painting in my studio, she and I had a quick little “date” (literally about fifteen minutes) in our newly cleaned and organized Dance Co closet. For many many years, that little room was hopelessly filled with boxes, piles and racks of random costumes, thrown recklessly about the place. It was a bottomless pit of odd, quirky, horrendous, tacky, ridiculous, funky and vintage costumes for the stage. It isn’t a very big room, but after our epic spring cleaning session with the company and Cheryl, we can now fit all the company inside – standing of course. Anyway, Amy brought cafeteria food, and I some festive drinks for sipping. In the odd coziness of the fluorescent lit closet, we exchanged our heart day gifts.

We both made each other little cards – mine with a funny Valentine note that is now the title of this entry, and hers with concentric hearts and a sweet note on the back. She told me she knew that I would outdo her with the crafting (I made her paper flowers too) and thus decorated a shirt for me, haha.

The day ended with good energy, as the TRYBE practice from 8 to midnight doubled as a dress-up night with fun crazy things from the closet. What better way than to end the day dancing with your friends! Here I am all funkily gypsified.

And here are some mid-rehearsal photo booth shots that you might enjoy:

I’m going to make sure more days of the year are as sweet and meaningful as this one was. 🙂



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