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Toilet Brushes and Paintbrushes [And happy 100th post to me!]

February 12, 2012

It’s often late at night when I get in the mood to scrub the bathroom clean. Even after a long day of dance rehearsal and drawing in my studio, any sense of exhaustion temporarily leaves as I decide to pull out a pair of gloves from underneath the sink. [This may be too much information, but strangely, I also seem to be most efficient when I get to cleaning without a shirt on – the suitemates are never around or awake to see.]

The whole process is rewarding-ly therapeautic.

Tonight was one of those nights. After an incredibly long day, I arrived home so ready to go to sleep, but I could not help but begin to scrub away! And how satisfying is the feeling of a clean toilet, clean shower and clean sink! Not satisfying ,though, was the awful bloody booboo I got from setting up the vacuum cleaner. I’ve got quite the photo of it, but it looks way worse than it actually is because I was letting it bleed. So I’m just going to keep that one to myself.  What I will share though, is what all the dance rehearsals have been doing to my poor knees!! Eeep!

This is all going to pay off because TRYBE’s huge annual gala coming up in just two weeks! So much of my life has been dedicated to all things Trybe since I arrived. This is me not complaining. 🙂

Despite the long days spent in dance rehearsal [all my nights and weekends are spent in practice], I am also having a wonderful time in my classes this semester, the few that I have. The semester looks incredibly promising! I’ll be sure to write more about them soon, but I will say for now that my life in the classroom these days is full of art and poetry. I couldn’t ask for anything lovelier.

I’ve started up my painting work and have been re-setting up my little studio space that I had last semester. Here’s my most recent work, a life-sized painting I’ve just started working on. Hours and hours and hours more to go, but I am so excited!




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