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Say No to Jetlag

January 21, 2012

I’m trying my very best to keep myself occupied in order not to succomb to this growing desire for a nap. So far, so good. This morning I woke up bright and early. Well, it wasn’t quite that bright out, but it was definitely early.

What 7 a.m. looks like. View from my pillow. Poor image quality by my phone.

Trying to keep up with the short but pretty regular running excursions that I’ve been doing, I had decided that a nice morning run would be good to jump start my first day back. Dance doesn’t start until tomorrow and all the sleeping in cramped airplane seats had definitely tightened up my muscles. (I had been so glad to finally be horizontal on my familiar bed at Wheaton last night!)

I put in lots of time to layer up – I had a couple of sweatshirts on and legwarmers underneath my sweatpants. I even put a hat on! I was ready to go! A morning run, what a great idea!

I stepped out of Keefe and groaned. It was snowinggg. It didn’t seem like all that much, so I decided to go on anyway, not planning to be out for too long. I started to jog, sticking to the road’s shoulder, rather than the sidewalks steadily slicking up with snow. Four minutes in and I was realizing how cold it was. The layers were almost useless. I had broken a sweat already, but the winter air and the snow flying into my face was telling me to go back inside. Where was all the real air!?!? And who is sucking it all in?! I suddenly missed the Philippine heat (I almost never miss the heat!) because the cold left my breath short and my chest tight. I turned around, not so reluctantly, mad that the snow was already ruining my plans.

Since then, I’ve had a very productive day! (And I also have refused to leave the building because of the snow, although I may soon have to because of my hungerrr.) Last night when I started to unpack, I looked around my room and realized that I’d have to clean up and organize before I could get empty out my suitcases. It wasn’t a complete mess, but I had left in a quite a rush last December and put no time into tidying up. It was almost a complete mess. So this morning, after a cold trek to breakfast and back, I went full force on my little room! This is probably the cleanest and tidiest it is going to be all semester. Well, hopefully not, I guess. I re-folded and re-sorted all my clothes and shoes, cleaned out my desk drawers, sorted out piles of papers into recycling, hung up all my accessories, vacuumed my carpet (that thing is never going to be glitter-free), did some laundry, and put on some fresh sheets on my bed. (Photographs soon. Maybe.) Believe me, it was quite the operation.

Now I sit at my desk, warm in a nice vintage find, from my sister’s closet and straight from the 80’s. (I am loving the patterns!)

On my flight out of Manila, I was served little mango cubes with my meal. This serving topped off my week-long strategic mango consumption effort. In the last week I was home, I tried to squeeze in as much good company and good mangoes as I could – always the juicy, ripe, filipino mango that never fails. I had it with my pancakes, in my crepes, in my yogurt, in my frozen yogurt, in my mango bravo (a yummy frozen kind of cake!), in my juice… It seemed just right to have it as dessert on my flight. I brought enough stock of dried mangoes and mangorinds to keep me alive on this end! Nothing compared to the real thing though. On the flight, I reflected on my last holiday break that was drawing to a close. In just a few days, I begin my final semester of undergraduate study at Wheaton College…buuut more on that later!

As we landed in Narita, the first thing I thought was, Oh, Winter. The trees that lined the fence of the airport were blackened, damp in the rain, and stripped by the season. I had forgotten that Winter looked like this. Here I am, back in its short days and its blackened, white nights. This morning, on my stiff walk back from my failed run, I thought, I forgot Winter felt like this.

For now, it is dark again outside and I can hear  Sarah in the shower, newly returned to me after a stressful, eventful journey back. She takes the prize for this set of flights – almost deported and hours and hours late! Ha!


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